Shower Grate Products & Considerations for a Watertight Bathroom

Walk in tiled showers have become a very popular bathroom feature, but with such extreme moisture in one area, how can designers ensure they are completely watertight?

Shower grates / drains should be the key focus for ensuring the shower is fully waterproofed. Bathrooms are set up so that floors slope towards floor drains, this is set out in the Australian Standards. The ‘fall’ in the floor aids the movement of water towards the grate / drain / outlet. The drain penetrates the waterproofing membrane and directs all moisture into the plumbing system. This penetration is the most exposed point of risk, therefore care should be taken to select a system that tackles all moisture and integrates with the waterproofing membrane and tiled floors seamlessly. It is often thought that tiled floors are waterproof, the reality is that some tiles and grout can be porous and hairline cracks can appear, the waterproofing is integral for managing subsurface moisture and the shower grate / drain needs to be equipped to deal with this, the result should it not would be popping tiles and water damage.

How do you make sure your shower won't leak?

Who to use?

With such a wide range of products on the market it can be hard to make a selection. Without being a specialist it’s becoming more challenging to understand the minor details and variations from the systems offered by each supplier. Looking for suppliers with pedigree and products that limit exposure to risk while integrating with other systems is critical.

Over the past 35 years Allproof Industries have developed a wide range of products, providing premium drainage systems that perfectly integrate with waterproofing systems. These drainage products have been developed by Allproof’s in-house design and development team to provide the correct capacity, improved install process, maintenance and combine with other products in the Allproof catalogue and on the market. These features ensure excellent protection from leaks and high drainage performance.

What Shower Grate System Should I Use?

Linear Strip Drains

The most popular drainage and waterproofing system is Allproof’s Vision Shower Channel Series. This product works much like a point drain, but can be set up as a threshold channel or flush against a wall. This product provides a highly sought after aesthetic finish with off-the-shelf sizes and custom made lengths available, all with a choice of five grates.

The system utilises a specially designed VF80 flange that is recessed flush into the base of a channel created on site. The waterproofing membrane is then dressed into the recess and onto the flange, completely tanking the wet area.

The flange has been designed to provide a high-quality surface for bonding the waterproof membrane and ensures that all subsurface moisture collected by the waterproof membrane is directed into the outlet. The stainless steel channel is set into the recess, leveled and secured using a porous compound before being tiled up against with a bead of silicon applied between the tile and channel edge.

Points Drains

Alternatively Allproof also offer the Elegance series, which is a stainless steel point drain available with 8 different grate designs or a tile insert ‘Invisible’ grate. These are available as tile waste kits off the shelf with a Leak Control flange or Cyclone Flange and floor waste gully. The point drain can be located in any desired location, usually in the centre of the walk in shower under the shower head.

Like with the Vision Series, the Leak Control flange is rebated into the floor with a fall being screeded towards it, the waterproof membrane is then applied to the flange surface creating a water tight area. The tiles are then installed and spigot adjusted or cut to the correct height supporting the Elegance grate with a small bead of silicon applied around it.

Shower Trays & Bases

To maximise protection from water damage caused by leaks a tile over stainless steel shower tray can be used. This system creates an impermeable waterproof layer directly below the tiles preventing water escaping through any weaknesses in the waterproof membrane. The stainless tray is made to measure due to each install requiring such specific and individual details, the Allproof team are available to assist through the entire process.

Tile over trays make an excellent choice for multi-story projects and timber framed builds, the tray reduces risks due to building movement/settling and protect any habitable dwelling space or structural timberwork directly below the shower. Waterproofing is applied to the shower wall lining and dressed down into the tray creating a fully tanked area.

Shower channels or point drains can be selected with this system.

Cordis hotel bathroom shower drain tray tile insert grate linear strip drainage


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