As part of our top-quality range of drainage supplies we stock a selection of cleanouts, including bronze, bronze vinyl, Vinylrite, cleaning eye, and bolted trap cleanouts. Our bronze drainage cleanouts fit pipe sizes 80mm, 100mm and 150mm, and have anti-slip grooves on the lid with security screw options. Finish options include machined bronze, machined nickel bronze, and chrome on bronze. The cleaning eye’s bronze body fits inside the pipes sized 80mm, 100mm and 150mm, and has anti-slip grooves on the lid.

Built to last, Allproof’s vinyl cleanout drain is ideal for commercial projects that need access to buried pipes under vinyl floors utilising a clamp ring and lid for a flush finish.The Allproof bolted trap cleanout has a durable PVC base with lock down screws and security screw options, and is available in PVC, chrome, brass and stainless finishes to fit pipes sized 100mm and 150mm. Chat to one of our experienced team members today to find out more about Allproof’s quality range of drainage cleanouts.


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