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A stainless steel shower tray creates an impermeable barrier below the tiles that is highly resistant to any movement within the structure.

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Allproof Industries

Allproof Industries manufactures and distributes plumbing drainage systems and passive fire protection systems to the Australian construction market.

Allproof maintains a high standard of premium drainage and passive fire protection products designed specifically for the Australian and New Zealand construction market. Allproof continues to support the plumbing and drainage industry by relying on its strong relationships that have been developed with tradesmen, engineers, architects and industry leaders.

Allproof staff pride themselves on designing, manufacturing and supplying drainage and passive fire systems that can resolve issues regularly faced in planning and on site. Allproof has a large team of designers and tradesmen combined with an ongoing product development programme to continually release new products and refine existing ones.

Allproof is a family owned and operated company established over 30 years ago and draws on the family’s heritage in the plumbing and drainage industry dating back to 1926.

All our products are designed, developed and manufactured for the Plumbing and Drainage industry and to the Australia/New Zealand standard AS/NZ 3500.2.2

Commercial and residential drainage products include linear channel drains and grates, point drains, trench drains, slot drains, shower trays, stainless steel grates, bathroom floor drains, strainer baskets, soffit covers and a wide range of plumbing products and accessories.

Passive fire systems designed to maintain the fire rating of a service penetration on Australian fire rated walls, floors and ceilings. Products include retrofit Low Profile Fire Collars, Cast-in Fire Collars, Fire Pipe Wrap, Drop-in Fire Collar. Designed for plumbing and electrical service penetrations.


What is a puddle flange?

A puddle or leak control flange is a construction product that connects the waterproofing system to the plumbing drainage system, also known as DWV (Drain

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We love to help with technical questions and provide further product information, however please note that we don’t provide costs direct to the market. For quotes and prices please direct your enquiry through your preferred installer and/or merchant. Please see our FAQ’s for further information on this.