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New 300mm Clear Opening Commercial Channel

Allproof is expanding its commercial channel drain range by adding a 300mm clear opening channel. This update expands the versatility of the product offering by increasing the capacity and catchment area of surface water. The new 300mm addition will complement the 200mm clear opening which has proven to be highly popular since it was introduced in 2021.

Commercial Channel is manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene with a focus on sustainable manufacturing. Using recycled material in long-service life products considerably enhances the lifecycle of plastic and reduces landfill waste. This enables projects to benefit from the physical properties of recycled polypropylene while reducing the generation of excess carbon. Allproof operates with a zero-waste ethos with further onsite recycling processes so that all scrap material is reused.

Additionally, Allproof utilise clean energy generated on site through 449 solar panels installed on their main production facility. The solar panel installation saves a further 50 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year further reducing the carbon footprint of Allproof’s recycled Commercial Channel drainage range.

100% recycled polypropylene plastic pellets

The 300mm wide opening of the channel provides excellent catchment of surface water with increased capacity, allowing the system to service large open areas with impervious finishes. The channel comes in a 150mm depth for optimal performance while minimising the labour component of excavation needed for deeper systems.

Using recycled polypropylene enables Allproof to manufacture a lightweight channel drain that improves the installation experience, and reduces install time, breakages, costs and embodied carbon through logistics, all without compromising on strength. The Commercial Channel has been designed to utilise the strength of the surrounding concrete to create a strong durable solution for commercial drainage applications.

The grates offer a range of features that enhance the performance of the system. All grate options are designed to be heelproof for pedestrian safety and to be mobility and bicycle tyre friendly with consideration to the direction of travel. Grates are secured with fixings to prevent damage through vehicular movement and unauthorised access.

The Wedge Wire (WW) grate is fabricated from 316 grade stainless steel enhancing its resistance to corrosion in marine environments. Additionally, it is load class B rated (when tested in accordance with AS3996) for light vehicles and has been independently tested for slip resistance (AS4586) achieving an R11 classification.

The Heelproof Cast Iron (HCI) grate is rated load class D catering to commercial vehicle traffic and has a slip resistance certification of P5.

The Galvanised Steel (GAL) provides an economical option, and is load class rated B with a large open area adding to its excellent hydraulic performance

Allproof supplies a nationwide network of plumbing, drainage and hardware merchants from their two warehouses based in Melbourne and Brisbane. This means that the Commercial Channel is easily accessible across Australia from a wide range of distributors.

Allproof are confident that the new 300mm clear opening Commercial Channel provides a premium solution for high-capacity surface water drainage. The Commercial Channel considers sustainability and environmental factors as well as install process and economic aspects providing an all-round exceptional product.

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New Melbourne Location

We are excited to inform you that we have relocated our Melbourne warehouse and now operating from 1 Carmen St, Truganina Vic 3029.  

This move is an important step in our commitment to better serve the industry needs and look forward furthering the exceptional service our customers have grown to expect from us.


We love to help with technical questions and provide further product information, however please note that we don’t provide costs direct to the market. For quotes and prices please direct your enquiry through your preferred installer and/or merchant. Please see our FAQ’s for further information on this.