All products are designed and manufactured to comply with New Zealand and Australian standards. We use independent accredited bodies to rigorously test our products and provide certification of approval. 


Allproof’s passive fire range is BRANZ appraised. This provides confidence that the range has been rigorously examined by BRANZ, a trusted independent organisation. As part of this process, Branz methodically reviews Allproof’s test reports verifying the results and audits the technical manual to ensure compliance and technical accuracy. To provide additional assurance, Allproof’s quality system and manufacturing process are also evaluated to ensure ongoing product quality. The resulting BRANZ appraisal [No.1088] provides assurance to the passive fire industry that Allproof’s products provide outstanding performance and compliance.

Clean Energy

Allproof have recently completed the installation of 449 solar panels through solar installation company Solarcraft. The installation took 6 months of initial planning followed by a team of five tradesmen completing 900 man-hours over a four-and-a-half-week period. This marks a key milestone for the company and underscores Allproof’s desire to be an industry leading manufacturer with an environmental conscience.

The projected daily average of 750kWh of clean renewable energy (in excess of 1,000kWh per day during summer months) generated from the 1700m2 solar panel installation is used to power Allproof’s North Shore head office. This building includes its injection moulding, product assembly and outward goods departments. This will provide Allproof’s main facility with nearly 50% of its energy needs sourced from self-generated, clean solar energy. To give context, this is enough power to supply approximately 34 average New Zealand homes ( Excess power generated through peak production times is supplied back into the grid for local homes and businesses to benefit from clean energy. This impressive solar panel installation saves 50 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year.

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Using Recycled Plastic

Allproof use locally sourced recycled material as much as possible for the manufacturing of drainage channels, pits/sumps and passive fire protection collars. Domestic Channel, Commercial Channel, Round Pits, Square Pits and Cast-in Fire Collars are all manufactured from recycled polypropylene. We secure this material as much as possible from local sources meaning that shampoo bottles and other plastics placed in recycling bins around New Zealand are repurposed into construction products with long life spans.

Made from recycled plastic environmental friendly sustainable

Products Made From Recycled Material:

Recycling Plastics In-House

Allproof has processes to recycle any scrap generated during manufacturing its PVC fittings.

Allproof re-processes all in-house scrap. The scrap is collected and granulated into a form suitable for certain injection moulded fittings. Any material that cannot be reprocessed on site is sent to third parties for recycling.

Allproof is also happy to assist you in recycling external waste bought in from building sites, once they are ready to be taken out of the field of service. Please contact us to find out how.

Please direct your PVC recycling enquiries through the contact page on this website. PVC for recycling must be presented in clean washed condition, free of contaminates, rubbish, and non-PVC materials such as paper, earth, vegetation, stones, etc..


Best environmental practice BEP recycled material pvc plastic certified approved

New Melbourne Location

We are excited to inform you that we have relocated our Melbourne warehouse and now operating from 1 Carmen St, Truganina Vic 3029.  

This move is an important step in our commitment to better serve the industry needs and look forward furthering the exceptional service our customers have grown to expect from us.


We love to help with technical questions and provide further product information, however please note that we don’t provide costs direct to the market. For quotes and prices please direct your enquiry through your preferred installer and/or merchant. Please see our FAQ’s for further information on this.